Written to facilitate database-driven website creation and maintenance, BDO Tools is a collection of Unicode-enabled text, image, file and folder manipulation utilities.
Packaged together in a tabbed layout for easy access, the tools are:

  Add Fields Insert / Append fields into lines of a text file.  
  Align Fields Column-align fields in lines of a text file.  
  Make Fields Create fields from lines of a text file.  
  Manage Folders Create / Rename / Truncate and Transfer folders. Extract files from folders.  
  Organise Fields Add / Delete / Modify / Order fields in lines of a text file.  
  Remove Duplicates Remove duplicate lines (including duplicate blank lines) from a text file.  
  Rename Files Rename the files in a folder.  
  Replace Characters Replace characters with decimal or hexadecimal numerical entities.  
  Resize Images Resize / Convert all BMP, GIF, JPG or PNG images in a folder.  
  Split Files Split / Join binary files or Split / Join / Create text files.  
  To XML Create an XML file from a text file.  


  Add Fields Align Fields Make Fields Manage Folders Organise Fields  
  Remove Duplicates Rename Files Replace Characters Resize Images Split Files  
      To XML      
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