BDO TOOLS  -  Make Fields Align Fields Manage Folders

Use the Make Fields tool to create fields from lines of a text file.


  1. Choose input and output files. See Force ANSI / Remove BOM.
    As a visual aid, up to the first 9 lines of the input file are displayed in the Input Top area.
  2. Enter the number of fields you wish to create in the Fields Required box.
  3. Click the Show button.
  4. Enter start and end column positions in the Column boxes.
  5. Optionally,
    • Click the Quote button or select one or more of the Quote Checkbox controls.
      When a Quote Checkbox is selected, the field will be quoted using the quotation marks selected in the Quotes drop-down control.
      The Quote button's text toggles between Quote and Unquote.
    • Select the Trim Fields control. Leading and trailing spaces are removed from each field when the Trim Fields control is selected.
    • Change the output field delimiter in the Delimiter box. When blank, a comma is used as the default delimiter.
    • Change the quotation marks used to surround quoted fields using the Quotes drop-down control.
    • Select the Enclosed control.
      When the Enclosed control is selected, the new fields are created within the chosen Enclosed By characters.
    • Enter a table name in the Table Name box.
  6. Click the Check button.
    As a visual aid, the result of your chosen settings when applied to the lines displayed in the Input Top area are displayed in the Output Top area.
  7. Optionally,
    • Change the output file format using the Save As controls.
  8. Click OK to create the output file.

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