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The Manage Folders tool can be used to:

Creating Folders

Folders can be created within a user-specified destination folder from:

  1. Existing files
    • Folders can be created from filenames (with or without each filename's extension).
      • To create new folders from filenames and include the extensions, the new folders cannot be created as immediate child folders of the folder containing the files.
    • For each new folder, the file whose name was used to create the new folder can be moved into the new folder.
  2. A text file list
    • The text file must have a unique name on each line.
    • The destination folder where the new folders are to be created does not need to be the folder that contains the text file.

Renaming Folders

Applicable to all first-level sub-folders of a user-specified parent folder, the Manage Folders tool can:

  1. Keep the original folder names and extensions but change their case to:
    • Lower Case
      • Folder names are converted to lower case.
    • Upper Case
      • Folder names are converted to upper case.
      • Extensions can be upper or lower case.
    • Title Case
      • Folder names and extensions can be converted to title case.
      • Folder names can be title case and extensions lower case.
      • Folder names can be title case only after spaces.
      • Folder names can be title case after non-alphanumeric symbols.

  2. Rename folders completely or partially using a sequence string which can be a:
    • Digit
      • 1 Digit Sequence (1 - 9).
      • 2 Digit Sequence (01 - 99).
      • 3 Digit Sequence (001 - 999).
      • 4 Digit Sequence (0001 - 9999).
      • 5 Digit Sequence (00001 - 99999).
      • 6 Digit Sequence (000001 - 999999).

      The availability of numbering sequences is determined by the number of folders being renamed.
    • Letter
      • a, b, c  Sequence (a - z).
      • A, B, C Sequence (A - Z).

    Sequences can be used:
    • Once or multiple times (the maximum number of times a sequence can be used is 6).
    • To provide the entire renaming information.
    • In conjuction with:
      • User-supplied strings.
      • Original folder names.
      • The following date formats:
        • ddmm, ddmmyy, ddmmyyyy, mmdd, mmyy, mmddyy, mmddyyyy, yymm, yymmdd, yyyymm, yyyymmdd

  3. Shorten folder names by removing characters from existing folder names.
    • Folder names including extensions are shortened.
    • The maximum number of characters by which folder names can be shortened is 32.
      This limitation can be overcome by re-shortening previously shortened folder names.

  4. Insert characters into folder names .
    • The maximum number of characters in a folder name is 255.

Extracting Files From Folders

The Manage Folders tool can be used to:

  1. Extract Files from Folders Recursively
  2. Extract Files from Folders Non-Recursively

By default, the Extract Files from Folders tool moves (renames) files. To copy files, select the Copy Files checkbox.

Truncating and Transferring Folders

The Manage Folders tool can be used to Truncate and Transfer folders.

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