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Extracting Files from Folders Recursively

When the Include Sub-Folders control is selected, the Manage Folders tool can extract files recursively from the sub-folders of a specified parent folder.


By default, the Extract Files from Folders tool moves (renames) files. To copy files, select the Copy Files checkbox.


  1. Select the Extract Files from Folders checkbox.
  2. Choose a parent folder containing sub-folders.
    Files will be extracted from the parent's sub-folders, not directly from the parent folder itself.
    A parent folder can be chosen by browsing to it using the folder tree on the left-hand side of the screen or by clicking the Extract From button.
  3. Choose the destination folder.
    The destination folder is chosen by clicking the Extract To button and is the folder into which all extracted files will be written.
  4. Select the Include Sub-Folders checkbox.
  5. Optionally,
    • Select the Copy Files checkbox.
      • When the Copy Files checkbox is selected, the Delete Empty Folders checkbox is automatically disabled.
    • Select the Delete Empty Folders checkbox.
      • When the Delete Empty Folders checkbox is selected, the Copy Files checkbox is automatically disabled.
    • Change the type of files to extract using the Move / Copy drop-down control.
  6. Click the Check button.
    If the check succeeds, all files of the specified type that are contained in the parent's sub-folders are displayed in the Files To Be Moved / Copied area.
    During checking, the Extract Files from Folders tool:
    • Can append, in parentheses, the appropriate source path to any duplicate filename it encounters.
    • Will ask the user how to proceed if a corresponding filename is already present in the destination folder.
    • Will report if there is insufficient free disk space.
  7. Click OK to extract the files to the destination folder.



The example above shows that 5 files named unicode.txt (numbers 166-170 inclusive) are to be copied from sub-folders of the source folder, E:\BDO\Test Data\. The source sub-folder name has been appended, in parentheses, to create unique output files.



The Extract Files from Folders tool has been designed to work primarily with user data and will not extract files with the hidden or system attribute set.

For example, choosing to recursively extract all the log files (*.log) from sub-folders of the root folder of the system drive (C:\), extracts only those log files not currently designated as hidden or system files, thus avoiding any otherwise inevitable sharing violation faults.

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