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Truncating and Transferring Folders

For each sub-folder of a user-specified source folder, the Truncate and Transfer tool:

  • Creates 2 new truncated folder names by splitting the source sub-folder name using a user-supplied character sequence.
  • Creates:
    1. A new folder using the left-most truncated part. If a folder with this name has already been created, this action is not performed.
    2. A new sub-folder within the left-most-named folder using the right-most truncated part.
  • Transfers all of the files from the source sub-folder to the new right-most-named sub-folder.


The Truncate and Transfer tool requires the following condition to be met prior to the tool's use:

  • The name of each source sub-folder must contain the same sequence of characters. This sequence of characters will be used to split the source sub-folder names.
    • The truncated part of the source sub-folder name that precedes the character sequence (the left-most part) will be used to create a first-level sub-folder (if it does not already exist) in the destination folder.
    • The truncated part of the source sub-folder name that succeeds the character sequence (the right-most part) will be used to create a new sub-folder within the left-most-named destination sub-folder.


  1. Select the Truncate and Transfer checkbox.
  2. Choose a source folder containing sub-folders.
    The first-level sub-folders of the source folder will be truncated and transferred, not the source folder itself.
    A source folder can be chosen by browsing to it using the folder tree on the left-hand side of the screen or by clicking the Transfer From button.
  3. Choose the destination folder.
    The destination folder is chosen by clicking the Transfer To button and is the folder into which all new folders will be created and files transferred.
  4. Enter the sequence of characters to be used to truncate the source sub-folders in the Truncate from Start of box.
    The Check button remains disabled until a character sequence that exists in all of the source sub-folders is entered.
  5. Select the Copy or Move control.
  6. Click the Check button.
    If the check succeeds, the New Folders area displays the folder names that are to be created. It is into these folders that sub-folders, named using the right-most truncated part and containing the transferred files, will be created.
    During checking, the Truncate and Transfer tool:
    • Will report if there is insufficient free disk space.
  7. Click OK to truncate the folders and transfer the files.


In the example above, the sequence of characters entered into the Truncate from Start of box was ' - ' (space, hyphen, space). The new folder named Abba will be created with four sub-folders: Abba, Super Trouper, Voulez Vous and Waterloo. Files will be transferred into each of these sub-folders from the appropriate source sub-folder.

The image below shows part of the resultant new folder structure with the newly created folder, Brian Setzer, selected.


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