BDO TOOLS  -  Rename Files Remove Duplicates Replace Characters

Applicable to all files, or files of a specific type (e.g. .txt, .php, .jpg), within a user-specified folder, use the Rename Files tool to:

  1. Keep the original filenames and extensions but change their case to:
    • Lower Case
      • Filenames and extensions are converted to lower case.
    • Upper Case
      • Filenames are converted to upper case.
      • Extensions can be upper or lower case.
    • Title Case
      • Filenames and extensions can be converted to title case.
      • Filenames can be title case and extensions lower case.
      • Filenames can be title case only after spaces.
      • Filenames can be title case after non-alphanumeric symbols.

  2. Rename files completely or partially using a sequence string which can be a:
    • Digit
      • 1 Digit Sequence (1 - 9).
      • 2 Digit Sequence (01 - 99).
      • 3 Digit Sequence (001 - 999).
      • 4 Digit Sequence (0001 - 9999).
      • 5 Digit Sequence (00001 - 99999).
      • 6 Digit Sequence (000001 - 999999).

      The availability of numbering sequences is determined by the number of files being renamed.

    • Letter
      • a, b, c  Sequence (a - z).
      • A, B, C Sequence (A - Z).

    Sequences can be used:
    • Once or mixed with each other (the maximum number of times a sequence can be used is 6).
    • To provide the entire renaming information.
    • In conjuction with:
      • User-supplied strings.
      • Original filenames.
      • The following date formats:
        • ddmm, ddmmyy, ddmmyyyy, mmdd, mmyy, mmddyy, mmddyyyy, yymm, yymmdd, yyyymm, yyyymmdd

  3. Shorten filenames by removing characters from existing filenames.
    • Filenames are shortened, not extensions.
    • The maximum number of characters by which filenames can be shortened is 32.
      This limitation can be overcome by shortening previously shortened filenames.

  4. Insert characters into filenames.
    • Characters are added to filenames, not extensions, at the user-specified position.

  5. Reposition a user-specified 'prefix' in a filename by moving the 'prefix':
    • To the start of the filename.
    • Before a parentheses-enclosed year in the filename.
    • After a parentheses-enclosed year in the filename.
    • To the end of the filename.

  6. Replace a string of characters in filenames.
          For all files in a user-selected folder:
    • If a filename contains a user-specified string of characters (A), the characters are replaced with another user-specified string of characters (B).
    • If a filename does not contain the string of characters (A), it is not renamed.
    • If the string of characters (B) is left blank, the string of characters (A) is deleted from the filename.

  7. Rename files using Regular Expressions
          BDO Tools uses PCRE.
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